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The story of Schwaben International began in the September of 1962 when 263 passengers flew to America on the first ever chartered flight. This endeavour was organised because of the 100th anniversary of the “Canstatter Volksfestverein” (Folk Festival Association) in New York.

The guests from Germany were greeted with open arms and both sides agreed on strengthening their friendship. Back on the flight home, some passengers already decided on founding the Association “Schwaben International e.V.”

Among these passengers were the future president Herbert Dörr, the future leading manager Renate Landhäußer and the first director of Sonnenmatte, Karl August Bez. Schwaben International e.V. is active on an international basis in North America, South America, Australia, and South Africa. The association promotes multiple social causes and understanding among nations. Moreover, Schwaben International organises and supports student exchanges with schools in South America and South Africa.

Schwaben International Culture and Travels maintains a continuous cultural exchange in many countries. Especially music groups and choirs visit other associations and locals to get to know each other and promote understanding through music, conversation and taking action together.


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