Terms and Conditions

Booking terms and terms of lease for the holiday and adventure village Sonnenmatte

All guests are welcome at the holiday and adventure village Sonnenmatte. During the summer holidays, families with school children have preference. Apart from the summer holidays, the holiday homes may be booked by other families, groups and meetings or conferences. A booking is not related to a membership of Schwaben International e.V.. However, all guests are welcome to become members of Schwaben International e.V. and thereby help support other non-profit projects outside the holiday village Sonnenmatte.

1. Booking

1.1 The booking request can be done orally, in writing, by telephone or via a fax machine and online. Such a request implies a binding offer to us of finalising the lease agreement.

1.2 Groups may, upon consultation with the holiday village management, make the remaining payment together with the resulting ancillary costs at the end of their stay. The advance payment of 25% has to be made in any case.

1.3 Only a complete and timely payment of charges on behalf of the guest entitles him, her or them to the selected benefits and puts the holiday village under contractual obligation to fulfil these.

1.4 In case of lack of payment even under existing legal and contractual preconditions we are entitled to set a period of extension. If no payment is made during the period of extension, we are entitled to step back from the contract or to demand compensation on the grounds of non-fulfilment of the contract.

1.5 Cancellation fees are to be paid immediately.

1.6 The given dates of arrival and of departure are binding.

2. Rental charges and ancillary costs:

2.1 The costs and charges can be taken from the respectively applicable list of prices. Rental charges include water, rubbish, and final cleaning. The apartments and meeting and conference rooms also include electricity charges. Energy charges concerning the holiday homes (houses) are calculated according to usage at the end of stay at reception.

2.2 The objects can only be rented with the number of persons given in the rental contract. In case of exceedance of this number, the service provider is entitled to expel the relevant excess persons or to demand a surcharge.

2.3 A change in price is possible even after the conclusion of a contract on justifiable grounds (such as changes in taxes, charges, tariffs or similar).

3. The tourism charge "Kurtaxe":

The tourism charge "Kurtaxe" is collected by us and invoiced in the name of the community Sonnenbühl all year round. It amounts to 0.50 € per day per person from the age of 16 and from a stay of three days.

4. Withdrawal by the guest:

As a guest, you have a right to withdraw from the contract anytime before the beginning of your stay.The decisive factor is the receival of the written statement of withdrawal. If you want to cancel your reservation we will charge you administrative costs of 25,- €. We try to offer the reserved dates to other interested parties. If we do not succeed in this, we will charge you with the following costs:

Cancellation charge

Less than 90 days before the reserved date: 30% of the original price

Less than 60 days before the reserved date: 60% of the original price

From the 14th day up to the 4th day before the reserved date: 80% of the original price

From the 3rd day or in case of no-show: 90% of the original price

For your own protection we recommend a travel cancellation insurance: The holiday village also offers forms in this regard.

5. Withdrawal and termination on behalf of the landlord

5.1 The landlord has the right to make changes to the original offer of housing on behalf of justifiable grounds.

5.2 The landlord has the right to cancel the contract with a guest after arrival if the guest causes lasting disruption to the life at the holiday village or if he/she/they act against the conditions of the contract in such a manner as to give grounds to the immediate cancellation of the contract. If the landlord cancels the contract he/she/they still have the right to claim the originally agreed rental charges. Arising costs related to the transport back need to be paid by the guest. However, Schwaben International e.V. needs to take care of the costs saved as well as the benefits received in case of non-usage by the guest.

6. The holiday homes:

6.1 The facilities of the holiday homes can be seen in the accompanying descriptions.

6.2 The final cleaning of the holiday homes is done by the landlord. The holiday home is taken over by the guest in a clean state. Guests are obliged to keep all holiday homes and rooms clean and tidy and to leave them clean-swept. Crockery and cutlery need to be washed and borrowed bed linen must be taken of the beds. Broken Crockery or broken objects are to be reported to the holiday village management at the latest at the time of departure. The guest is responsible for all damage caused by him/her, by his/her family members or by third parties brought on to the premises by him/her.  This includes all damages to houses and facilities. We may charge additional cleaning fees or for damages.

6.3 Occupancy through groups is limited to a maximum of 6 guest in a house.

6.4 Guests may occupy their holiday home(s) on the day of arrival from 15.00 onwards. Arrival time is 18.00 at the latest. In case of a later time of arrival, the holiday village has to be contacted in order to make arrangements for the handing over of the holiday home. Return of the holiday home is on the day of departure between 8 and 10 am.

7. Force majeure:

In case the occupation of the renting object is greatly complicated, endangered or impaired due to a type of force majeure (for example, a natural disaster) not foreseeable during the conclusion of the contract, both the guest and Schwaben International e.V. can cancel the contract. Schwaben International e.V. will pay back the already paid charges, can, however, demand a suitable compensation for already delivered services or services that will be delivered up to the end of the renting period.

8. Pets:

Pets are not allowed to be brought to the holiday village.

9. Motor vehicles:

Guests arriving with their own motor vehicle are asked to park their motor vehicle at the designated parking spots immediately after unloading. To guarantee a holiday that is as undisturbed as possible and to safeguard the security of the children in the holiday village, travelling into the holiday village with a motor vehicle has to be limited to arrival and departure. Objects can be brought to the holiday homes by way of trolleys during the stay.

10. Duty to cooperate:

Every guest has the duty to cooperate within the scope of legal regulations in cases of defaults to avoid damages or keep damages at the minimum level. If a contractually warranted service is not, or faultily, offered we kindly ask you to come down to reception and demand remedy.

11. In general:

11.1 Any conditions deviating from the above contractual conditions need to be given in writing.

11.2 Should some of the above terms be invalid, this does not make the entire contract invalid. The same applies to the present contractual terms or provisions.