Price list for families

Prices for families

Prices are quoted per night incl. 7% VAT. You can be self-catering or use the catering facilities here at Sonnenmatte.

Holiday home


including expenses such as electricity, water, rubbish and final cleaning

2-3 nights

all year round including expenses

From 4 nights onwards

all year round including expenses

holiday home for up to five people

each additional person (from the age of 12) € 10,- per night

60m²/living room, kitchen, shower, WC, 3-4 bed rooms (one double-bed, two twin beds, where applicable one single bed, one children’s bed), terrace.
Upper limit of people per house: seven or eight. Minimum period of stay during holidays is seven days.

€ 98,- per night

€ 83,- per night

accessible holiday home

for up to seven people

155m²/living room, kitchen, two showers/WC, four bed rooms (one double-bed, two twin beds, one single bed, one children’s bed)

€ 137,00  per night

€ 115,- per night




including all expenses, also bed linen and two towels per person

1-2 nights

all year round

3-6 nights

all year round

7 nights or more

all year round

with one or two people

Comfortable apartment with living room, bed room with two made beds, kitchen, shower/WC, balcony, separate entrance, telephone line, TV if requested. Children up to the age of 11 stay for free.

€ 64,- per night

€ 59,- per night

€ 55,- per night

third person (from the age of 12) additional cost per night

sofa bed in the living room

€ 15,- per night

€ 15,- per night

€ 15,- per night


  • Prices for large families on request
  • This list of prices is exclusively for family holidays, family parties and family meetings.
  • Price for one night in a holiday home on request
  • With 1-2 nights, all expenses such as electricity, water, rubbish, final cleaning, and Kurtaxe (visitors’ tax) are included.
  • With 3 nights, expenses such as electricity, water, rubbish and final cleaning are included, Kurtaxe (visitors’ tax) additional
  • Kurtaxe: The community Sonnenbühl has established a visitors’ tax for stays of minimum three days duration. This is for all guests from the age of 16 and amounts to € 0.50 per day.
  • Borrowing charges: Bedding € 7.50, hand-towels and tea-towels € 2.50, shower - towel € 3, woollen blanket including cover € 6.50
  • Children’s beds and high-chair: per house you will find one children’s bed without bedding included in the price. If you pre-order, you will also get a high-chair free of charge. An additional children’s bed is € 5.00 and an additional high-chair also € 5.00.
  • Laundry room for guests: washing € 3 and drying € 3
  • Times for check-in and check-out: Check-in between 15.00 and 18.00. Check-out by 10.00 am. With weekend stays it is possible to check-out on Sunday afternoons. Check-in is not possible on Sundays and public holidays. During the summer holidays, check-out is not possible on Sundays.
  • Subsidies for family holidays: As a non-profit family holiday village we fulfil the requirements set by the Bundesländer for subsidising family holidays. You can find more information and help to apply for these subsidies at the Wohlfahrtsverbände, such as DPWV, AWO and church organisations like Caritas or Diakonisches Werk. We are also happy to advise you.


...further information

  • Pets are not allowed
  • Unfortunately, we cannot allow the usage of sleeping bags due to hygienic reasons.
  • Catering services provided by our restaurant: Inquiries via Tel: 07128 304493
  • During the summer holidays, no short visits or weekend stays are possible in our holiday homes
  • We offer a wide range of play and leisure activities, barbecue sites, playgrounds, playing fields, billiard, table football, and much more
  • We also offer a bread-delivery service
  • Our holiday village is car free. For check-in and check-out you may, however, drive your car up to your holiday home.